Revelation 2:16 (NLV) Be sorry for your sins and turn from them. If you do not, I will come to you right away. I will fight against them with the sword of My mouth.

One of the most admired qualities in this world is strength. Wrestling is a sport that awards strength. When wrestling with sin the greatest strength is confronting your weakness. The longer you are dressed with the cover-up of pride and denial the longer you remain wrapped up in the sin and remember, “sin is death”. The only cure is true repentance. This means more than simply a guilty conscience that causes you to deeply regret the wrongdoing. Repentance involves the change of direction, a walking away from the offense and moving toward God. It’s when one stops repenting that they stop moving toward God. Let me encourage you to be quick to repent. Do not let fears of the offense prevent this. Be on guard against greed, pride, and other things which also keep one from true repentance. God is loving, kind, and full of mercy. Walk humbly before our God!