I just want to be

1 Chr 16:11 “Search for the Lord and his strength. Always seek his presence.” GW

A father was working on the bills when his beloved son enters the room. The son asks his dad if he will throw the football with him. Dad says, “Not right now. I have to pay these bills.” Then the son went and sat by his dad but never said a word. He just sat there and watched his dad. Well, dad got irritated being watched and said “ Go watch tv and I’ll play football with you later”. The son said, “I don’t really want to play ball or watch tv. I just want to be where you are”. The father was shocked by these words and said, “Ok son, come sit by me and I’ll show you how I pay the bills”. The son’s face lit up with joy. Not because of the activity, but because he was invited into his father’s presence. He got what he was searching for. God loves us. If we ask for bread, will He give us a stone? If we ask for a fish, will He give us a snake? If we can sincerely say to God, “I just want to be where you are”, He is not going to deny us. He will welcome us in His presence!