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My Mission

My purpose in ministering the Gospel is to give hope and encouragement, build faith, and show love to win the lost,restore the wayward, backslider, or spiritually weak Christian, and perfect the body of Christ. I am limited but my God is not! What He does in my life is a confirmation and testimony of living hope to this constant fact.

The Call

I was raised by my evangelist parents and always had a heart for God. My parents divorced when I was nine and my father was rarely seen afterward. That abandonment turned me into a rebellious teen. At the age of seventeen, I suffered in a near fatal car accident. I rededicated my life to God when I hit rock bottom.  Then I began reading my Bible, praying, and seeking God with all my heart. The Word of God became so alive to me and I began to read it about six to eight hours each day. I also would spend a half to a full hour each day worshipping God in music.  

When I was eighteen years old, a pastor asked me to give my testimony in his Sunday evening service.  I spoke for twenty minutes, without any difficulty, and the Spirit touched so many people with life changing results.  The scriptures for every circumstance I spoke about instantly came to memory.  That was particularly amazing considering that I suffered brain damage in the car accident .  It was at that moment I knew this was my calling. 

Since that time God has confirmed it repeatedly through people, events, His Word, and the work of His Spirit in my life.  God has blessed me with the opportunity to minister in over thirty churches in Pennsylvania.  I have also spoken internationally in Spain, Jamaica, and Canada.  My face has been on tv and newspapers.  My voice has been on radio.  God had inspired me with over 20 songs of praise/worship and songs which minister biblical truth.  I even recorded a cd featuring 11 of these songs entitled Everybody, Praise The Lord.  God did all this in my life by age twenty.

At the age of twenty-two I had big plans to graduate from Asbury College with a degree in Bible/theology for ministry.  I am currently licensed through Assemblies of God.  Since then I have written over twenty more songs which minister common biblical lessons in  powerful and greatly encouraging ways.  I have ministered in numerous other churches and have authored my first book, The Remaining Factors: Seeking Eternal Treasures, which can been seen here at “My Book”

Rev. David Allen Testimonials

  • Chris


    "David Allen is a living testimony of the creative and redemptive awesomeness of our God. His love for Jesus and his passion for people are evident in his presentation of the Bible. He is an author and a song writer. The limitations that have come as a part of tragic situations he has faced have become the miracles of a limitless God through whom "all things are possible!"

    Pastor Chris Gibbs
    Senior Pastor, Crossway Church, Valencia, PA
  • Darren Abraham


    "Rev. David Allen has spoken at my church several times now and is one that I know we will have back again. His boldness is inspiring. His genuine sincerity is refreshing. He isn't looking for an emotional response or fame, he wants God to move in the service and truly touch lives. I recommend to any pastor, make room on your calendar for him. You WILL be blessed."

    Darren Abraham
    Reverend, Gardner Chapel AG, New Castle, PA
  • 9 25 11 005


    "David Allen spoke a very timely word to our congregation on taking 'time out' to be with Jesus. He ended his message calling a 'time out' and many people responded at the altar, spending time with Jesus. It was very encouraging. Many people were talking about it days later. He is a blessing to any church that would have him."

    Craig Riggle
    Reverend, New Life AG Ford City, PA
  • Dan Carver


    "It is always a joy to have David Allen with us in our church. Our people have come to appreciate his ability to overcome obstacles and hindrances to accomplish the will of God for his life. His ministry also serves to remove excuses for reasons we often use to determine if we follow through with God's purpose and plan for our lives. His ministry with us today was well thought out, it was put together well and, in addition to a special touch of the Holy Spirit on his life, he has a great sense of humor that he presents the message with."

    Dan Carver
    Pastor , Real Life AG Arnold, PA